SharePoint in a unique and effective way streamlines cooperation within the company.


Aras Innovator manages business processes that support the development of production in a manufacturing company.


The process oriented ticket system – a help desk system based on Microsoft SharePoint.

TickX enables companies to display standardized and structured processes in a proactive workflow.

Other Solutions

Alert Management  for SharePoint

The purpose of this tool is to allow to administer all alerts in the system. Basically each user can register himself for email or SMS notifications. Then a notification is sent once there was an action on a certain item. We provided a custom solution which helps administrator to check who has an alert configured and what notifications user expect.

"Bulk Document Download" for SharePoint

In order to provide user a way to download multiple files at the same time we deploy a SharePoint extension which is available in the ribbon. User can select many files and folders and download them as compressed file.

Form Based Authentification Feaute for SharePoint

SharePoint allows user to use many authentication providers, which basically means that user account can be defined in several places. Two most common ways are Windows Active Directory and custom databases. Custom databases are commonly used when user is created for Form Based Authentication.  We introduced custom solution for this purpose where administrator can create user along with descriptive information about user like title, gender and other personal information.

Newsletter for SharePoint

Perform convenient and easy a newsletter to your customers in their business. There is created a customer database for subscribers, and with the "double opt-in" function of the entry in the list of subscribers in a second step is confirmed. Thus, the subscriber can be sure that he will receive his newsletter.​

Store finder for SharePoint

The store finder allows the localization of sites according to specific criteria such as street, city and zip code. With a direct search on their website customers can find your locations (eg stores, clinics) and contact you...

"SLIDER" für SharePoint

Um eine flexible Hauptseite Bildrotator anbieten zu können implementieren  wir unseren Kunden eine Lösung, die ein Teil der SharePoint Branding-Lösung sein kann. Der SharePoint Administrator lädt Bilder in die Bibliothek, definiert ein paar Metadaten und der Roller ist fertig für den Einsatz.

"Security Management" for SharePoint

Since SharePoint originally doesn’t provide any handy way allowing administrator to mange user permission in effective way we implemented a new page to make it easier.

Administrator can go to User Management site, then select project administrator wants to manage and security settings that are currently applied appears. If administrator wants to change the security setting administrator checks which SharePoint group user should be part of and save changes.