TickX Ticket - the HelpDeskSystem

When routine becomes fun


TickX turns tedious routine into fun. With TickX, supporters have an overview of all the relevant data and history of their customers. It is the perfect tool for companies that want to ensure a good processing and classification of their customer inquiries. The program treats tickets as logical containers for tasks that need to be handled by an employee or team.

The ticket does not have to be a support case in the traditional sense. For example, it can also be a sum of activities that require a defined process.

TickX improves team work, workflow and efficiency within the company.

Intuitive Operation

The TickX representation of processes in the form of containers ensures a transparency that leaves no room for discrepancies and coordination difficulties.

TickX is primarily multifunctional, yet easy and intuitive to use.

Templates for tickets, activities, and time units make working with TickX particularly easy.


Customer Support

With SharePoint as the basis, new processes can be sped up and collaboration in the team can be improved significantly.

With TickX as a central system for support staff, you provide your customers and partners with services of the highest level.


Smart Alerts

TickX keeps you informed via email. Open tickets, up-to-date assignments, new tasks or a waiting callback - thanks to intelligent notifications, you are always well organized.

The user is able to customize who is being informed about what and when.

Vorteile im Überblick 

Modular and highly scalable

Integration into the Windows infrastructure through

         Microsoft SharePoint

Optimized usability through improved controls

E-mail and phone support

Cross Browser Support