Microsoft SharePoint

for a better cooperation

The developement of an unmanageable chaos of data occurs quite often in everyday company life.

An example: 

Katrin maintains a list of customer contact information in Outlook and Acces. Alex maintains an additional birthday list of customers in Exel. Tina can only find the current version of the company presentation in her colleagues‘ Outlook inbox.

The confusing collection of various important data goes on and on. After all, none of the employees can tell you exactly what is kept on the network drives.

SharePoint - developed by Microsoft - helps to solve this exact problem. Sharepoint brings all of the company‘s collected data into one central information environment. The platform manages to structure simple and complex processes.

Collaboration throughout the company and on the web is thus facilitated. Users can freely decide how they want to manage their data. From an IT strategy perspective, SharePoint is a platform for the consolidation of different applications. For example: Enterprise Search, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management or Collaboration.

What we offer

SharePoint for Your Company

Installation, Configuration And Integration 

We guarantee a fluent integration of SharePoint in your company.

With the help of a first analysis we avoid difficulties and bottlenecks from the beginning.

Project Success through SharePoint

Implementation of Technical- and IT-Concepts

Through a preliminary analysis of the project, we create a solution concept based on the latest SharePoint technologies.

We ensure project success through realistic planning and adequate project control.

Collect and Share Data

Business Intelligence with SharePoint

Microsoft Sharpoint creates a platform that has been designed, among other things, to collect, synchronize and share data within the company.

The incorporation of external partners is also possible.

Always up-to-date

Migration Projects

Keep up with the times and upgrade your Microsoft SharePoint system for even more possibilities to work effectively.

The mediatec team updates your old SharePoint system (ex .: 2003, from 2007).

Custom-built for You

Branding and Design

We create an individual design of the SharePoint platform according to your wishes and in consideration of your corporate design. Due to the custom design your employees can start using the platform straight away without extensive training.

Benefits of Sharepoint

Quick and easy exchange of documents, information and


Easy integration wih all Microsoft Office applications

SharePoint has an extended security model

SharePoint is cost-cutting because less work is required

MySites in SharePoint enables users to exchange ideas

          and comments

Efficiently organizie information with an Enterprise   

         Content Management


We realize your project

As Microsoft Certifeid SharePoint Technology Specialist, we offer individual SharePoint hosting solutions. This allows SharePoint projects to be implemented cost-effectively.

Hosted SharePoint 2010 or

SharePoint 2013 Foundation

For smaller businesses or departments looking for a cost-effective entry- or pilot level collaboration

Hosted SharePoint 2010, 2013 or

SharePoint 2016 Standard

For companies that manage content and business processes and seek to discover and share information and expertise.

Hosted SharePoint 2010, 2013 or

SharePoint Enterprise

For companies that want to work with advanced information and data management features.

Information about the current version

With mediatec you are always up-to-date with the latest technology.

We provide information about new features and benefits of SharePoint 2019.