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IT-Infrastructure Services

Behind every successful company stand a well-developed IT infrastrucutre, which enables fast, secure, and targeted work.

Mediatec offers consultation and plans the ideal IT infrastructure for company.

Cloud Services 

Our Microsoft Could products create ideal working conditions for your company
We recommend Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365.

Software Development

The mediatec development team implements your software and web project. Mediatec also enables you to create your own website or program your app.

The corresponding hosting is also available from one source.

ARAS Innovator 

The introduction of Aras Innovator increases your company‘s productivity and competitive ability.

Aras Innovator is a modern PLM platform and PDM platform that delivers innovation and adaptability to changing market needs.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint brings all of the company‘s collected data into one central information environment. The platform manages to structure simple and complex processes.

With Sharepoint, your company no longer experiences data chaos.

Vacation Manager

The vacation manager for Sharepoint allows easy and quick vacation management for the employees of your company. Your employees have access to a range of functions to facilitate vacation planning.


We offer a wide range of hosting solutions for the virtualization of your website, app and more (Client Server, Storage Server, Application), as well as your SharePoint system.


Ensure the security of your documents!

We recommend the following products: Panda Endpoint Protection, Spamfighter, Mailstore and Veeam.



TickX is the process-oriented ticket and help desk system for Microsoft SharePoint. It ensures the improvement of workflows and the optimization of processes across sectors. It also increases flexibility and is intuitive to use.

VivaQom für Arzt und Zahnarzt 

Many utilised systems for quality management in practices are complicated and pose as an additional burden.

Developed by mediatec, VivaQom offers a reduced workload for practice teams.


Ekompass is a web-based software to support the evaluation and organization of Assessment Center procedures.