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Aras Innovator PLM und PDM Software

Aras Innovator is a modern Product Lifestyle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) platform that delivers innovation and adaptability to changing market needs. The goal of introducing Aras Innovator is to increase your company‘s productivity and competitive ability.

Aras Innovator is the only PLM software company to offer an enterprise open source business model. The high initial investment in license fees is therefore omitted for mediatec customers. Those who would like to use the benefits in the long term have the option of a fee-based contract.

Product Data Management

Aras Innovator lets you create, modify, manage, and archive information in a central data-repository. In addition, all users receive easy and secure access through Visual Collaboration. Connectors are available for all major MCAD and ECAD tools, as well as Microsoft Office. This enables working in multi-CAD environments. Parts and stocklists are automatically linked to the corresponding CAD and document files.

Product Lifecycle Management

The platform allows you to control the lifecycle of complex products in multiple areas; including demand, developement, manufacturing, and support. The technology of Aras Innovator is flexible, scalable, and can be upgraded at any time. Aras Innovator also enables an ideal cooperation between companies and suppliers, customers, or construction partners.

   Flexible, expandable and scalable at any time

   Productivity and competitive ability

   Integration of ERP, API, Office, PDM, ALM, CAD

   Project-, quality-, requirements management and many

        more features


Benefits of Aras Innovator

Lifecycle Designer


Workflow Designer


Report Manager


Vault Management


Security Management 


Stocklist Management (BOM)


Revision Management

Component Engineering


Configuration Management


Document Management


Manufacturing Process Planning


Parts Management 


Digital Mockups


Visual Collaboration

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